Great Depression Causes (Agricultural Struggle)
Updated: 2/16/2021
Great Depression Causes (Agricultural Struggle)

Storyboard Text

  • Herbert Hoover (food administrator)
  • Increase agriculture production rates! Europe needs them!
  • Okay!
  • Farmers
  • Food exporting money
  • New techniques/technology.(tractors)
  • Europe
  • Europe
  • It is far past time to return to growing our own crops and having our own meat.
  • With what money? You won't be able to buy anything if you wanted to
  • What about our economic issues? Can we still purchase from the US?
  • Remaining Europe
  • During this time, due to the war, Europe was not producing as many crops as before, and therefore relied on us to supply them.
  • United States Farmers
  • We're already growing enough crops for all of us, what now? I guess we have to keep growing them
  • Lots of old methods evolved because of new technology, such as tractors replacing horses for farming uses. Many new employees were gained and often paid by money from food exports.
  • This change does not seem to be doing any good.. maybe we should bring concern to this
  • Farmers
  • President Calvin Coolidge
  • The farmers are not very crucial, and i'm sure they're okay. Issues dismissed.
  • Europe finally goes back to producing their own food, leaving the U.S. with more crops than needed, and some of Europe struggling economically.
  • REMINDER to farmers: Pay back money! You have many missing payments!
  • Now, farmers kept producing an overload of agriculture, causing prices to drop in very large amounts.
  • The president was then made aware of the troubles our farmers were facing, but underlooked the severity of the overproduction and price decline. This leads to more and more loans being taken out for equipment, supplies etc.
  • Well, considering our lack of money, us farmers must take out loans to keep ourselves up
  • Numerous farmers continued taking out loans and money that they were unable to pay back. Finally, with this being common among a number of farmers, the banks were not receiving any money in return and then failing.
  • (mostly small, rural banks unable to stay afloat)