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The most dangerous game
Updated: 9/25/2020
The most dangerous game
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  • In the exposittion we get introduced to our main character Rainsford and Whitney who is a an animal hunter. also we learned the setting witch is ship trap island. also we met captain zaroff who we soon find out hunts humans. Last rainsford fall of the ship whitney and himself where on.
  • The conflict is man vs man and also man vs nature. Rainford find his way to land after falling off the ship he comes across a big mansion and meet captian zaroff and realizes they have two very different goals and that captain zaroff hunts humans so for fun he is hunting rainford for fun and putting him though survial and escape.
  • Rainford relizes he is being hunted by captain zaroff so he quickly starts gathering all of his materials in order to survive so he sets to sea and start fleeing. then he kills lazoras one zaroffs hounds.
  • The climax is when rainford jumps from the boat to escape from captain zaroff and he losses him.
  • The falling action is when captain zaroff gets to the criff side and zaroff sits to smoke a cigerette and rainsford is very annyed at himself of how he go caught.
  • The resolution is when rainsford decides he is done and over with hunting and he has decided that zaroff will now be his prey and he is going to end the story how he wants it to end.
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