The Tennis Court Oath

Updated: 5/19/2021
The Tennis Court Oath

Storyboard Description

Comic strip

Storyboard Text

  • We all are stuck here....What to do? There is no option. Now we should try to make a revolt against the king.
  • yes!!!
  • We shall enter the tennis court now. We are ready for the Tennis Court Oath so that the king will not dismiss us.
  • As the king dismissed us from the castle, we will now hold our meeting in the tennis court Oath. This place is safe and no one will be able to kick us out.
  • YES!!!!
  • My king. I am scared that the 3rd Estate created their own government!!
  • WHAT!!!!
  • We will have to move somewhere else then
  • What If the king decides to dismiss us!
  • I only have one option!!!To dismiss them..