The mining boy
Updated: 5/19/2020
The mining boy

Storyboard Text

  • I am going to miss this place.
  • The silver mines in idaho need workers. Take the oregon trail.
  • Your saying all I need to start a new life is to work in the mines.
  • were coming!
  • Hurry kid we are almost there!
  • My name is cable and I am 14 years old. My family lived in utah and moved to idaho to have a better life and so that I would have a job in mining.
  • Get back to work!!
  • Yes sir
  • One day, I was in town and overheard a promoter talk about how they needed workers in the mines. This was a great opportunity to go to washington and have a better life for my family.
  • Why are there so many people?
  • My family thought it was a good idea to take the oregon trail to get to idaho. But the journey was long and hard. We did this to start a new life. Also, I knew I would have to work in the mines to support my family.
  • Bye!
  • I need to head to work now.
  • when I started working in the mines it was not great, I got paid little, it was dangerous to work, and they treat you like a slave. But I needed to do it so we had food.
  • When the railroad was completed more people came to washington and more younger kids started to work at the mines. The mines that I worked in got crowded and harder to work in.
  • The industrialization made the silver and coal mining expand. Making me work more to support my wife and son. But other then work, I was happy with my family.