Fart Powder - Who Cut the Cheese? part 2
Updated: 5/8/2020
Fart Powder - Who Cut the Cheese? part 2

Storyboard Text

  • Nilly and Lisa saw Dr. Proctor again. He said moon chameleons can camouflage themselves and if they are showing themselves in the day, then something bad is going to happen. Meanwhile, Hallvord Teneson kicks the King of Norway out of the Palace and moves in. He tells the guards that the people had elected him President of Greater Norway.
  • The king was exiled to the Republic of South Trondelag. Tenorsen tells the people to vote so that he can make ALL the decisions for Norway. If anyone is against the idea, then they have to report them to him. Lisa thinks that Mr. Hiccup is the thing that everyone has in common and he might be the moon chameleon. Nilly decides to spy on Mr. Hiccup.
  • We are the Vincibles!
  • They were at a school ski jump competition. Nilly saw Mr. Hiccup jump over 100 feet without any skis or a ski ramp. Weird! Nilly followed him home. He saw Mr. Hiccup asleep in a tub that was full of water. When he woke up, he went into the sewers. Since his house was empty, Lisa & Nilly searched it. They found a room that has only insects in it. Weird again! Then they got caught by Mr. Hiccup.
  • Dr. Proctor saves the kids. He explains that Mr. Hiccup is not the moon chameleon but he is frog-like and has superhuman strength because of a serum that he drank. They decide to find others that are not hypnotized. Ms. Strobe, their History teacher was another adult who'd help. Mr. Hiccup was secretly in love with her so he wanted to help too.
  • Dr. Proctor tells them that the moon chameleons are here to devour any intelligent life on Earth. Lisa figures out how everyone is being hypnotized- anyone who didn't watch the competition were the only ones NOT hypnotized. Dr. Proctor, Lisa, Nilly, Mr. Hiccup and Ms. Strobe become "the Vincibles." They are going to save the world!
  • Lisa had a plan to follow a moon chameleon. They see the footprints and they follow his to a manhole. Nilly and Mr. Hiccup go after the moon chameleon. It leads them to the palace. Nilly climbs onto the balcony and hides under a desk. He sees the secret plans to takeover Norway. He also sees what the moon chameleon looks like. It looks like a huge baboon. It's red, has big hands, long toenails, and a pink bumpy butt.