trabajo inglesssssss

Updated: 6/24/2021
trabajo inglesssssss

Storyboard Text

  •  Hours passed and the mother began to worry, she wnet out to look for her daughter and could not find her, she called the concerned police and they found her bicycle lying on the street.
  •  One day the girl went out to ride a bicycle around the neighborhood and arrived near the lake while her mother was at home.
  •  The girl returns home calmly when she notices that a black car is following her. The girl begins to get excited and scared and decides to stop to see who it is.
  •  The black car approaches her and the man who was talking to the mother comes out. 
  •  In the police station 
  • My daughter is lost!help me find her police 
  • ¿Who do you think could be the one who took your daughter ?
  •   somewhere in the city 
  •  his father maybe, we ran away from him when my daughter was a baby, I almost lost her because of him, when she was still in my belly.
  •  I missed you where you had been
  •  I've been looking for you all this time, your mom kept me away from you, she's crazy I'm so sorry