Theory of Interpersonal Relations

Updated: 9/3/2021
Theory of Interpersonal Relations

Storyboard Text

  • Nurse Danica will be meeting her first patient for the day. Her patient's name is Miko, Miko came in the clinic that morning because she felt a sharp pain near her abdomen.  Nurse Danica had already pre-oriented herself with this and is now ready to meet her patient.
  • Nurse Danica Approach Miko and introduced herself as her nurse and she then started carefully assessing her making sure that she is comfortable in the process.
  • After checking everything Nurse Danica starts to develop a nursing care plan for Miko, while she on the other hands starts to put more trust on Nurse Danica.
  • They both start talking and coordinating about what Miko needs to see what care plan best suits her and what can help her get better faster.
  • Nurse Danica carefully executes the plan making sure that Miko, her patient, feels comfortable in order for her to get cured faster.
  • After a few hours Miko started feeling better and it is now time for Miko to go home. Her relationship with Her nurse Danica helped her get better and Danica's professionalism also made it easier.