Romeo and Juliet
Updated: 4/1/2021
Romeo and Juliet

Storyboard Text

  • Your hand is like a holy place that my hand is unworthy to visit. If you're offended by the tough of my hand, my two lips are standing here with a kiss.
  • Good pilgrim, you don't give your hand enough credit. By holding my hand you show polite devotion. After all, pilgrim touch the hands of statues of saints. Holding one palm against another is like a kiss.
  • well then, saint, let lips do what hands do. I'm praying for you to kiss me. Please grant my prayer so my faith doesn't turn to dispair.
  • Then don't move while I act out my prayer.
  • Saints don't move, even when they grant prayers.
  • Sin from my lips? You encourage crime with your sweetness. Give me my sin back.
  • Then do my lips now have the sin they took from yours?