Jonathan's Storyboard project
Updated: 3/5/2021
Jonathan's Storyboard project

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  • Introduction
  • hi i'm Jonathan today i'm here to inform you about the civil war and the events that lead to it
  • Cause of the war
  • The civil war all happened because of slavery and how the southerners wanted slaves but the norther's didn't want slaves
  • Start of the war
  • The civil war is important to U.S history because there was so much events that took place in these few years.The civil war started the divide of the untied states when the enemy of the U.S was the U.S.If the civil war would have not taken place
  • Union War Efforts
  • The cause of the civil war is because the northerners and the southerns were fighting over whither or not they should have slaves.This further lead to the southerners and the northers divided america into two the confederacy and, the union. The confederacy wanted slaves meanwhile the northerners didn't want slaves.
  • Confederacy War Efforts
  • the union solders aren't making it pass us
  • The war started in April 12th 1861.There first major battle that they had was the battle of bull run this battle took place on July 21st  of 1861, in Northern Virginia. The civil war started at 4:30 in the morning.
  • Legacy of the war
  • The union solders made a blockade to stop the confederacy from getting supplies form other areas through the Mississippi river and the gulf of mexico and from there the Union would gain the south faster then they would have, this plan was called the anaconda plan.The unions most important generals were Scott and, general butler.
  • Hi i'm general butler
  • Hello i'm general Scott
  • The confederacy succeeds from the united states so they did that.They were gonna let the union come to them and they wanted to fight over their home land, and when the union would get there the confederacy would burn all the supplies that they had so that the union can't take it.Generals Robert E. lee and stonewall Jackson were two main generals.
  • no they won't
  • The civil war had a big impact on the U.S because, confederacy would have won things wouldn't be the same in the united states.The civil war impacted the way that the southerners felt towards the union after a while but they did become better people after the confederacy. The states that left the united state wouldn't be back