Phrasal Verbs History

Updated: 9/10/2020
Phrasal Verbs History

Storyboard Text

  • It´s okey, we should better hurry up and get on the bus before we are late.
  • Sorry my car broke down and now we have to take the bus.
  • Hi there ! It has been long time since we met. Why are you both black dressed ? Where are you going?
  • It´s good to see you Sarah. Don´t you know ? Erik´s mom pass away a week ago, the funeral is in half an hour.
  • Sorry to hear that. Excuse me but I have to go, I´m looking after my nieces today. Good to see you, bye.
  • It´s sad but these things happen. One day maybe we could go out with you, bye take care.
  • It was nice that we run into Sarah today, don´t you think so? Now let´s go inside with Erik.
  • I hope we see her later. Yeah we should check up on him, it´s a hard moment for him he need his friends.
  • Hi Erik, we really sorry about your mom, if there´s anything we can do for you let us know.
  • Thanks for coming, something come up, in my mother´s testament she said she weren´t my birth mother, this is crazy.
  • So she adopted you, and brought up you without telling you? What a crazy way to find out.
  • She said it was protecting me because my burth parents die in an accident. I look up to her for raise me, I love her, she was my mom after all.