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Equation Comic Strip
Updated: 9/21/2020
Equation Comic Strip
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  • I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out the equation... 2(4x - 3) - 8 = 4 + 2x.
  • Oh don’t worry it’s really simple. I’ll help you :)
  • So then you’ll get 8x-6-8=4+2x
  • Good now you have 6x=18
  • You have to get rid of the parenthesis and to do that you multiply 2 times the numbers in the parenthesis
  • So I would add -8 and -6 since they’re on the same side and like terms
  • Now you combine like terms
  • Wow that was easier than I thought!
  • Oh and after that I would add the -14 to 4 which will give me 18
  • Yes that’s good now you have 8x+-14=4+2x now the variable needs to be on one side so you have to subtract the 2x from 8x to get 6x on one side.
  • Now I just divide 6 on both sides and I get x=3
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