Best summer ever storyboard

Updated: 9/10/2021
Best summer ever storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • My Summer
  • Im bored
  • My Summer
  • My Ideal summer
  • camping's fun.
  • Most of my summer i was sitting in my room being bored because corona held me back from doing anything fun. Shut the fun places down and as I get older the fun stuff isn't so fun anymore.
  • My Ideal Summer
  • Jaxon Zawodna wins by KO.
  • Aside from sitting in my room, I went to the gym a lot with my dad. I was trying to get strong for hockey. I was running, bench pressing, and working on my leg strength.
  • Million Dollar Summer
  • My ideal summer would be camping. I enjoy camping a lot especially when there's lakes nearby to go fishing. My favorite spot to camp at is a place in Monroe.
  • Million Dollar Summer
  • My ideal summer would be filled with boxing matches and hockey games. I would win almost every boxing game before covid hit. Boxing shut down until covid goes away.
  • My Million Dollar Summer would be me running to a multi-million dollar mansion after buying it. I would put pools, boxing rings, and a mini hockey rink in the backyard.
  • New 5.6M dollar mansion.
  • Another million dollar summer, after I buy the mansion, I would take a nice alone trip to the best beach in the world. It would be peaceful and the view would be great. I would also swim and sit on rocks and look at the view.
  • The view is pretty nice.