Ransom of the red chief story board
Updated: 2/10/2021
Ransom of the red chief story board

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  • Don't we both have a joint capital of six hundred dollars? We just need two thousand dollars more to pull out that fraudulent scheme.
  • Hey, I have a brilliant idea! Why dont we kidnap a kid and ask a ransom for its return? We may get more than jut two thousand dollars!
  • Brilliant idea, bill! Who shall we kidnap?
  • I know just the right child to kidnap!
  • During a calm day in Alabama, an evil idea- kidnapping- struck Bill and Sam. Why, who and how will they kidnap?
  • They thought of kidnapping a child from Summit town, their selected victim was Johny- The son of Ebenezer Dorset who was a respectable mortgage fancier.
  • I dont wanna go home, I never had this much fun in my life, you wont take me back home, Snake eye, will you?
  • Ok, not right away, we'll stay in the cave for the night.
  • Both of them walk to summit town, they have hard luck catching Johny and put up a tough fight, but they eventually got him and drove away to a cave.
  • Seems like we don't have any other choice right now..
  • When they expected the boy to panic, he was cool and relaxed, he was free. He compelled bill and sam to play a game of red indians with him, and his chatty and cheeky nature annoyed bill and sam a lot.
  • After a little while of playing, the annoyed sam asked johny, " Red chief, would you like to go home?", the boy's answer was- "Aw, what for? I never had this much fun in my life!" So they decided to spend the night in the cave.
  • At daybreak, sam woke up to howling screams to see the kid sitting on bill's chest- one twig twined in his hair. Sam could see that bill could take it no more. Thus in the early morning, they decided to write a letter asking for the ransom from Ebenezer Dorset.
  • I cant take it anymore, he's just too annoying.. I think its time we ask ebenezer for the ransom.