Fall of the Soviet Union
Updated: 1/16/2020
Fall of the Soviet Union
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  • Nikita Khrushchev: The Berlin Wall was a great idea to build. We keep our communist government while they run a democracy.
  • Ronald Reagan: "Gorbachev, tear down this wall!"
  • This is a devastating accident and failure. The whole world will know about this. 
  • After the end of World War II, the major Allied countries agreed to split Germany in half, each of which fell under different leadership: the east by the Soviets and the west by the Americans, the British, and the French. Although the city of Berlin lay completely within the Soviet zone, it too was split in half, again with the east controlled by the Soviets and the west by the Americans, British, and French.
  • Neil Armstrong: We made it before Russia!
  • The Berlin Wall deconstction was one of the many main events that lead to the fall of the Soviet Union. Ronald Reagan challenged Gorbachev to take the Berlin Wall down during on of his speeches.
  • Joeseph Stalin: You're giving me a bad vibe. Take him to the work camp!
  • There were lots of underlying reasons that lead to the demise of the Soviet Union. The blast at Chernobyl caused the Soviet Union to become embarrassed because they were boasting about their nuclear power, then it failed. Gorbachev also flatly states, "perhaps the real cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union was the exposion at Chernobyl."
  • Vladimir Putin: Russia has come a long way since the Cold War.
  • Another issue is that Russia spent to much money trying to compete with other countries like the Space Race with the US. Their economy was mostly based on industrialization, and they started spending their money too fast, and their economy got very weak.
  • Earlier into the Cold War, the Soviet Union's leader, Joseph Stalin, was paranoid that everyone was against him, so if he speculated someone was plotting against him he would send them to a work camp. This made the government not look very good.
  • Those are some of the reasons to the demise of the Soviet Union. From breaking up the division between the East and West to not trusting your own people anymore, the Soviet Union was falling apart. The fall of the Soviet Union ended the Cold War. When the Soviet Union fell, Gorbachev resigned, and Russia turned into a new independent Russian State.
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