Andres Peralta Caro 9E STORYBOARD: Reported video

Updated: 7/30/2020
Andres Peralta Caro 9E STORYBOARD: Reported video

Storyboard Text

  • I asked the doctor if my friend Emma and I had both been in social distancing for two weeks why i couldn't go to her house
  • I told the doctor why I couldn't see my friend if all people in certain time will had corona virus
  • I know it´s hard and you miss seeing Emma but you could have Covid-19 and not know it
  • Now for that reasons some of them including teens will need to staying a hospital
  • I asked the doctorI had run cross-country my lungs are really strong I´m not gonna get sick why I need to have social distance
  • It´s wonderful in great shape but the Covid-19 affect all people.
  • I asked to the doctor if I not seen anybody me with the virus why I couldn't play basketball with my friends
  • Playing basketball involves close contact between people if one player is infected-even without having symptoms-he could spread infected droplets