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Updated: 5/12/2020
English - Extra

Storyboard Text

  • Honey open up I have new clothes for you!
  • Coming!
  • Here it is, its your dress for your little cousin's baptism!
  • Oh..I forgot..Too late! Im tired, whew
  • I love it! But..what about the shoes?
  • Now go get dressed were leaving in a few minutes.
  • Noo how can she forget about the shoes!
  • okay..
  • Esperanza's mom knocked on her door to give Ezperanza her clothes for the party
  • Wow you look beautiful!
  • I changed!
  • Omg those shoes do not match with my dress at all! ohh im gonna look bad.
  • Ezperanza's mom got her dress and everything, expect the shoes...but it was too late and she was too tired to get the shoes back
  • Is everyone ready!
  • Yep
  • Ugh. These shoes are so ugly especially with my pink dress..I can't believe im going out like this!
  • Her mom told her to get dress for her little cousin's baptism party. She didn't want to change until she waited for the shoes but there wasn't any time for that. They were almost leaving.
  • okay..
  • Get in the car kids. Were going with your uncle!
  • Esperanza's mom then finds these brown and white old saddle shoes that she can wear but Esperanza didn't want to wear it because it was old and it didn't match with her dress.
  • I was also gonna tell you that I found some shoes you can put on for your dress!
  • Now it was time they all had to go to the baptism party.
  • yes!
  • Yes!
  • They went outside and got inside Uncle Nacho car to get to the baptism party.