Updated: 5/12/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Everyone YEAH! (laughing and dancing)
  • I feel like people are staring at my shoes or talking about them.
  • Its fine ill just sit down.
  • Were here at the baptism party! Lets go dance!
  • No, your the prettiest girl here would you dance..?
  • Come, get up and dance lets have fun!
  • Yes, I will..
  • My shoes are to ugly I can't go up there
  • Hi how can I help you?
  • Let's show them off our new dance!
  • YES!
  • They got to the baptism party, everyone was having fun and dancing...meanwhile Esperanza is scared to get on the dance floor.
  • Everyone: WOW! (Cheers and claps)
  • This is when Uncle Nacho came to Esperanza and was pulling her hand to come and dance on the dance floor. He also said she was pretty and to not worry about that but Esperanza also thought he was lying.
  • Esperanza finally goes on, on the dance floors and her uncles tells her to show their dance moves with everyone and they did...
  • Here everybody is clapping and cheering and is impressed by their dance moves, then Ezperanza finally realizes to not worry about what other people think and just have fun!