Epic Heros Journey

Updated: 9/18/2021
Epic Heros Journey

Storyboard Text

  • Well your just in luck! I, Beowulf, have risen from darkness and banished 5 giants from walking among us! I will protect you from the monster Grendel!
  • A Monster has terrorized Herot and killed my men!
  • Great! Once you kill the monster, bring me his head and I'll grant you the greatest honor I know.
  • Everything I have said has been truthful! You dare question my skill on the battlefield?
  • If your stories are true, you must have been extremely lucky to have survived this long... Your luck may change if you challenge Grendel.
  • Defeat Grendel if dare and prove me wrong.
  • Why wont my sword work against Grendel?
  • I'll take that!
  • *SNAP
  • Based off King Hrothgar's description, Grendel's mother should be hiding behind an underwater entrance in this cave.
  • *Grabs sword and strikes Grendel's mother right though the neck!
  • She seems to be stronger than Grendel, and nothing seems to be able to penetrate her skin. Maybe that sword over there will do the trick?
  • You killed my one and only son, you will pay the price!!
  • Ahhh yes! The monster has been killed and I have to keep my end of the deal. You can be my successor and take your place on the throne!
  • Grendel's head as promised!
  • Alrighty! I'm AMAZING so obviously I'll make a great king!