The Adopted Child

Updated: 7/28/2020
The Adopted Child

Storyboard Text

  • A child finds out that they are adopted when she asks about family history. Then she and her parents break into tears of sadness.
  • The child then goes out to find their true parents, but promises to write letters to her foster family.
  • The child then starts looking into documents in hope trying to find something that might help her find her family. Only to find that one of her parents are on trial for being framed of robbing 4 banks.
  • The child finds her parent and promises to get them out of there, but the parent has doubts and is afraid that the child might get in trouble.
  • The child saves the day as they bring evidence that her father/mother is not guilty even when everyone thought otherwise.
  • The girl and her father/mother are reunited and live in a small cottage far from the city, away from any trouble. The End