Updated: 1/14/2021

Storyboard Text

  • im photosynthesis! im on my way to the chloroplast and looking for my reactants carbon dioxide, sunlight, and water to photosynthesize!
  • i am performed in plant cells or cells that have chloroplast
  • ive already got carbon dioxide from the air, and there's water and sun now!
  • now that ive got everything and am in the chloroplast, ill use light reactions and make my products, glucose and oxygen to complete photosynthesis!
  • hi! come with me to perform cellular respiration! well use the products, oxygen and glucose, our plant friends put out from photosynthesis to start!
  • our end goal is to create atp or a form of energy! in order to do this we need to start by breaking down glucose
  • each uses the products from the previous one to eventually reach the end goal of energy!
  • there are 3 main steps in cell respiration, glycolysis, krebs cycle, and the electron transport train
  • once all steps are complete, cell respiration has taken the products of photosynthesis and yielded water, carbon dioxide, and atp which are all used to start the cycle again!
  • some steps need oxygen while others dont, but theyre all performed in either the cytoplasm or the mitochondria