wesleys storyboard family
Updated: 3/17/2021
wesleys storyboard family

Storyboard Text

  • The snipes family of three (Wesley savannah and mom) moves into a smallest apartment in Miami . My mom gets a monthly retirement payment of $11,000. Me and my sisters father was never in the picture so its just be the three of us. We live under a very demanding white landlord.
  • exposition
  • climax
  • Wesley decides to get a job to help out his mom with the bills. Wesley gets a job working at the apartment complex. the landlord is very mean and harsh toward Wesley when telling him simple tasks. the landlord doesn't believe Wesley is very smart or with a promising future. Wesley is key on proving him wrong.
  • falling action
  • conflict
  • after working for many months Wesley decides to put half of his money away in savings and the other half to help with the bills. the result for working for so long he almost has enough money to finally apply to his dream college. but as he finally has enough and is ready to apply to the college the landlord only raises there rent trying to get them to move.
  • resolution
  • rising action
  • Wesley decides its finally time to get his loan to go to college. he decides to go to a shady loan service to were he gets more money and doesn't have to pay back as much. wesley gets scammed and loses all his money.
  • with Wesley getting scammed and losing all his money. while Wesley is determined to get his money back. his mom comes up with an idea that will help him reach his goals at college and help her with affording a place to stay.
  • his mom decides to move to get away from the landlord and get wesley to college. with moms money she has enough to get an cheaper apartment right next to the college that is close enough to count as a dorm. so wesley has to get a job but will be able to go to his dream college.