Law and Public Safety project
Updated: 5/18/2020
Law and Public Safety project

Storyboard Description

Project for Career Orientation class. Note: The text boxes are difficult to edit since i am new to the website. Please do not Defame me because i am new. I hope you enjoy the Storyboard!

Storyboard Text

  • Its a wonderful day in New York!
  • This is Joe, a Former Firefighter! Tell us about yourself Joe.
  • Today were going t-o learn about law and public safety!
  • One last Question: What is your favorite part of the job?
  • Well folks thats all for today, Tune in next time for another Interview!
  • Well for starters, ill tell you about my job!
  • Firefighters need to wear masks as to not inhale the smoke, other wise they might pass out and damage their lungs.
  • Well its not as simple as you think. Smoke is a big problem when going into a burning building to rescue others.
  • As a Firefighter, me and my co workers help to put out fires. Simple right?
  • Very Intrguing Joe!
  • Overall? I would have to say Saving people. And im glad I get to do what I love. Plus, it pays really well! Firefighters get paid about $50,000 dollars! I had to work hard to graduate from a Fire academy. I also had to learn to stay organized and behave well. I kept social media separate from by business life too! Im not the kind of person for drama if you ask me.
  • The end!
  • Bye everyone! I hope you all become Sucessful!