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My president: Harry Truman
Updated: 2/20/2019
My president: Harry Truman
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  • My President
  • Personal Background
  • Court Adjourned
  • Famous Quote
  • " It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit."
  • My president is Harry S. Truman. He was the 33rd president, he was a democrat, and he spent 8 years in office. Truman was automatically president for his first term because he was FDR's vice president. His 2nd term he received 303 votes. Truman was given the nickname "Give 'em hell Harry."
  • Foreign Issue
  • It is an awful thing to have to do but unfortunately it has come to this.
  • Harry Truman attended Kansas City Law School. Before he was president he was a farmer, judge on Jackson County Court, presiding judge of Jackson County Court, US Senator, and vice president.
  • Foreign Issue
  • We will not let communism in this country.
  • One of Harry Truman's most famous quotes is "It is amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit." No one really knows when or where he said this but they think he rephrased this from an older quote that is similar.
  • Fun Facts
  • Truman dropped the atomic bomb on Japan after negotiating with them about ending the war and they refused so Truman decided to use this new weapon that was effective because Japan surrendered a few days after, ending WW2. People respected Truman a lot more after this.
  • Not long after WW2 ended, Truman had to deal with a new issue. Truman had to try to contain communism. The policy of containment became known as the Truman Doctrine. It supported America's right to support any country fighting off communism. Truman sent troops to help defend South Korea from North Korea communists.
  • January 1948 Harry Truman ended segregation in the armed forces and the civil forces. During Truman's 2nd term we lost an ally to communism, China. He had a wife named Elizabeth "Bess" Virginia Wallace and a daughter named Mary Margaret Truman.
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