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The Creation of Israel
Updated: 10/8/2020
The Creation of Israel
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The American I feel in slide 2 just represents American stereotype and how I would represent the country of America if it were a person. Also, this is my story and I hope you like it.

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  • The numbers are the order in which the sentences were said btw
  • The Creation of Israel
  • A United Nations meeting, 1948...
  • So, what are we going to about this whole, fight in Palestine thing
  • 1
  • Well, first I think we need to start with how we got here in the first place
  • 2
  • After the 1600's, however, their land started to be taken back and they started to crumble. By the time WWI came around, they needed to choose the winning side to get their empire back. They chose wrong however, and after the war ended, Britain and France "confiscated" the land.
  • The Ottoman Empire was a large group of countries spread throughout Southwest Asia and Africa. It had a solid rise up until the end of the 1600's.
  • A meeting between Britain and France about their new land...
  • Ok, so now how are we going to partition the Ottoman Empire to how we like it
  • 1
  • I think we should split them up and put anyone together regardless of if they will argue
  • 2
  • Anti-Semitism is the discrimination of a certain race, in this case, Jews. They were not allowed in many places, and only a few Jews were accepted into colleges.
  • Anti-Semitism was a big issue in Europe in the 1800's...
  • You are nothing, you Jews will never be anything, never try to enter my shop again
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