Fifth Period Comic

Updated: 9/8/2021
Fifth Period Comic

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  • Results of World War 1
  • Surrender!
  • Big Changes
  • I have an idea...
  • Early Conflicts
  • This spot is perfect!
  • After the Central Powers surrendered, many empires fell leading to other major events in history. The fall of the Russian Empire resulted in the creation of the Soviet Union, the fall of the Ottoman Empire led to many new territories being formed, and the end of WWI resulted in the formation of the League of Nations. Other empires impacted by the end of WWI include the German Empire and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • Conflicts in Iraq
  • I am your new king!
  • In 1920, the San Remo Agreement was reached. The remaining Ottoman Empire territories were assigned to the United Kingdom and France to partition into separate territories.
  • It became clear that the European countries cared more about colonizing for their own good rather than help the struggling Southwest Asia territories. They colonized for reasons involving trade and transportation for their own benefit.
  • Iraq was formed as a result of the San Remo Agreement. Iraq was split into three provinces based on ethnic groups. This led to conflicts later on. When Iraq got its independence in 1932, a man named Emir Faisal ibn Hussain became the king of Iraq. Faisal had just been kicked out of Syria and now he was the new king of Iraq. The Arabs and Kurds, who were already in Iraq, were not big fans of this Syrian ruling over them.
  • Who is this guy?!