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Updated: 9/23/2019
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  • Ethnic group means a community or population of people who share a common culture or background. 
  • A religious group is set of individuals who share a common religious creed or belief.
  • One example of an ethnic group would be the Arabs. They speak Arabic and they are mostly located all around the world especially in Southwest Asia. Majority or most of this ethnic group practice a religion called Islam. Arabs believe that the group was created through Abraham's son Ishmael.
  • Another ethnic group would be the Persians. Farsi is the language the Persian group speaks. This group arrived in the 7th century, most of the ancestors migrated from europe to Russia. Majority of the people in Iran are persian.
  • Most of the Persians follow Shia Islam as a religion but some are Sunni. Women also tend to face rough challenges
  • The Kurds are also an ethnic group. The language they speak is Kurdish. They are mainly located in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran . They are the largest ethnic group without a country.
  • Kurds practice a religion called Sunni Muslim or Islam. Kurds share aspects of their culture with Iranians, they are called a Mede. This group also tend to be less strict like how women should dress.
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