Updated: 2/4/2021

Storyboard Text

  • situation
  • Chris brought his church shoes instead of his game shoes
  • unsafe habit
  • I always lose my shoes
  • unsafe action
  • I'm good though even if i don't have my shoes
  • there was a player name Chris who wear the wrong shoes before his game
  • acidient
  • he lost his game shoes as the time was getting closer for his game ,
  • result
  • its ok my son, and i found your shoes
  • I'm sorry Chris, you broke your ankle
  • Instead of Chris telling his coach he doesn't have the right shoes, he continues to play but in the writing shoes
  • solution
  • you ok bro
  • Chris tripped over himself and hurt his ankle.
  • ouch!!!!
  • The result was that Chris had broke his ankle and could not play basketball for a little while
  • but you will be fully healed in six weeks
  • The solution was that Chris was going to be more responsible and put his shoes in a better spot so he knows where they are, and will be better in a few weeks.
  • yea I'm cool, it going to heal in 6 weeks