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Photosynthesis and respiration by jada.
Updated: 10/1/2019
Photosynthesis and respiration by jada.
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  • The first step is for the sunlight to reach the plants to create energy
  • photosynthesis
  • Then that energy from the sunlight (co2 & water) produces glucose and oxygen for the plant cell to have as food.
  • since plants are autotrophs they use this organelle to make their food (AkA glucose)
  • This is a chloroplast, Photosynthesis happens here
  • In conclusion us humans need the plants perform photosynthesis so that we can breathe in oxygen
  • cellular respiration
  • the first step in Cellular respiration is glucose and oxygen, (which comes from photosynthesis,) the cells use the oxygen and glucose to produce energy from food for us, and produce co2 and water which goes back to photosynthesis.
  • since humans dont make their own food we use this organelle to turn our food into energy
  • this is a mitochondria, Cellular respiration happens here
  • in conclusion plants and animals can benefit from photosynthesis, so that we cab have eneergy and so they can have co2 and water
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