Oliver Twist
Updated: 5/23/2020
Oliver Twist

Storyboard Text

  • In the workhouse
  • After S comes T, Twist Oliver Twist
  • Funeral arranger:I’ll take him
  • After 7 years of living in the orphanage Mr Bumble sold him for 5£
  • 5£ boy
  • After being treated very poorly by the funeral aranger and his apprentice Oliver ran as far away as he could to start a new life.
  • When Oliver and his new friend arrived at the house, a mysterious man welcomed them inside. It was full of other young boys and girls.
  • When Oliver finally reached London he was exhausted. A boy around his age introduced himself and offered Oliver a shelter and food.
  • The next day Oliver’s friend stole a man’s wallet and blamed it on Oliver. People started chasing Oliver and throwing stones at him until he fell on the ground unconscious.
  • The man with the stolen wallet rushed to Oliver to see if he is alright and believed him when Oliver told him he is not a thief.
  • Mr Brownlow invited Oliver to live with him .And they both lived happily ever after.