Water Conservation and Mitigation Measures

Updated: 3/26/2021
Water Conservation and Mitigation Measures

Storyboard Text

  • Hey whats up?
  • Having a pool uses a lot of water huh?
  • Why do we need to conserve water if it doesnt run out because of water cycle?
  • Looking at the pool, I was wondering of ways in conserving water
  • Not only does it affects us but also to the environment and our source of food.
  • Not all water is safe to use instantly. Water used in everyday needs can run out. Because they are processed thru the cycle and stored in places like this.
  • I see thats why qou looked concerned seeing the amount of water in the pool.
  • Saving water usages such as in comfort rooms makes a hugh difference to sustain the demand
  • So you now understand the importance of water conservation and mitigation measures?
  • My bad, I was too carefree in the way we use water. From now on ill do my best to help conserve and mitigate our supply of water.