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Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Wow!
  • Aphrodite is to be married. So sons make a suit!
  • She is to be married!
  • After the tragic death of Cronos father foam started coming out of the water. Then a rose started rising out of the foam.Then there was a beautiful girl sitting, named Aphrodite.
  • Oh my dear love you are the one to be my goddess of the sea with me!
  • When Poseidon came to rescue her she was brought to land. When she stepped on sand, flowers bloomed.There she was walking to Cyprus a hillsides had bloomed into flowers.
  • When Zeus had bought Aphrodite, Hera had noticed how beautiful she is so she told her husband that she is to be married. And Zeus had agreed.
  • Each one of you would have a gift.
  • When Poseidon tried to get married with Aphrodite.Saying that she is the one for him and the sea. She gave him a polite smile.
  • When it was Hephaestus turn he said" I would make a good guy for you. I work late.". And that was when she knew he was the perfect one.
  • When Aphrodite was married she had told every suitor would have a gift mean she will cheat on Hephaestus.