The tomb
Updated: 2/18/2020
The tomb
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  • Hmm... Should I dig here? I think I will.
  • I've been digging for hours but I think I'm getting somewhere.
  • OH MY GOODNESS.. is that what I think it is. An Ancient Tomb! Wow, I've never discovered something like this! Now it's time to dust it off.
  • Egypt, 1922 Andy Roberts is an archaeologist. He is thinking that he should dig here. He is using a shovel to dig down.
  • I'll take this to the work lap to help me figure out who this tomb is for. My assistant will help me.
  • Andy has been digging for hours and hasn't gotten anything. But he thinks he is getting somewhere. Andy is facing a challenge by digging for hours and hours.
  • Yes, then we can ask questions about the tomb like How does the item look? or Is it fragile? or year it come from?
  • Is that a tomb! It looks like it's from Egypt maybe it can go to the Egyptian artefacts centre. Well let's go to a museum and ask what this is.
  • Andy has found a tomb and now he is dusting the tomb. He is dusting the tomb off with a duster.
  • Wow, me and my team are really surprised this is Tutankhamen's Tomb!
  • What! I can not believe that it's actually Tutankhamen's Tomb! It looks so magnificent!
  • Andy is getting the tomb to his work shop and his assistant Tim Sharp.
  • Andy showed Tim the tomb and Tim told him to go to the museum and find out who's tomb this is.
  • Finally, they have figured out what this is. It is Tutankhamen's Tomb so they put it in a museum from then on.
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