Battle of Britain
Updated: 6/2/2020
Battle of Britain

Storyboard Text

  • Hitler didn't want to go to war with Britain, he offered peace in exchange for alignment with Germany. Many Britons jumped at the idea of a ceasefire, but others like Churchill were not keen to do so.
  • Operation "Sea Lion" was the bombing of British ships in efforts to starve them and force peace and alignment. "Where Napolean failed, I shall succeed. I shall land of the shores of Britain"-Adolf Hitler
  • Known as the "spitfire summer", July 1940 was when Germany's 1300 men went up against Britains 700 in order to gain air superiority. although the British were outnumbered, they used radar to sense when the enemy was near, so they could stay grounded until needed.
  • Britain ended up bombing the wrong regions of berlin due to thick cloud and ended in fatalities, Hitler set up a speech and addressed his revenge to his people.
  • "They declare attack on our cities, then we will raze on theirs"
  • September 7th, 1940, This was the beginning of the blitz, bombs spewed out of aircraft and fell with murderous Intensity on London's East End.
  • Germany ended up halting the attack on Britain because they were in desperate need of oil for there aircraft, they gave up and invaded the Soviet Union for these supplies, this was the first major defeat for Germany in the WW2