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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/11/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Bicycle and the Sweet Shop
  • I don't want you here just to look around!
  • Great Mouse Plot
  • Faster
  • !YES!
  • Mr Coombes
  • We are dead!
  • Mrs Pratchett is screaming at the kids. Mrs Pratchett is screaming at the kids she hates when they just stays and looks around. " We are tired of you screaming at us."
  • Mrs Pratchett's Revenge
  • Mrs Pratchett is getting candy for the kids. Meanwhile, the one of the kids is putting at rat in one of the jars. " Lets' put the mouse in the jar."
  • The First Day
  • There it is!
  • Ok. Good, get it.
  • The kids think that they killed Mrs Pratchett by putting the mouse in the candy jar. " We are so dead!"
  • The Matron
  • Don't sleep on you back
  • The headmaster is hitting one of the kids. Meanwhile, Mrs Pratchett is sitting down and does not care that they are hitting a kid. " STOP HITTING ME!"
  • !OWWWWW!
  • Two boys where getting the tunk-box from the closet in the boarding school. They where getting the box a little fast because they don't want to get spotted by the headmaster. " Faster before we get caught."
  • The matron put some soap-flakes because he started to snore loud. "Never sleep on your back ever again!"
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