Then & Now

Updated: 8/28/2021
Then & Now

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  • The & Now
  • Yosephine Garcia
  • 4th grade
  • 8th grade
  • Yosephine Garcia Per. 2 Mrs.Coco
  • In fourth grade, I really liked to run and play tag with friends. I also liked to be outside and go to different places. But I was not the best when it came to school and grades. I was more carefree. I was Shorter than I also had long hair and I wore pink and black glasses. I like the color blue. I began to draw at this age.
  • Now I'm in eighth grade  and I don't like to run or do PE. I don't like to go outside and I sometimes enjoy going somewhere different (depends on where we're going) and now for school, I try my best to do well and get good grades. Now my hair is shorter I've gotten taller I have black glasses. My favorite color is now purple. I've improved my drawings a lot.