grafic novel

Updated: 3/19/2021
grafic novel

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  • HiiYes, that is right i am busy too.
  • Hallo Max! nice to meet you we haven't met for years and that is because of my job.I am too tired and i can't meet anyone
  • So ,where do you like to go.
  • I whould really like to go to New York because I want to know the authority of this city,the culture and their eating habits.
  • OMG!We are ready to go to the trip!
  • Yes I know ! I am looking forward to go to New York!
  • Max and George were walking on their way to go home ,but suddenly they met on the sidewalk.
  • NOOI am going to take it I found it!!
  • Now that we found the money who is going to take it?
  • I am going to take it!!
  • I have a great idea! Because we are fighiting no one is going to take it , but we are going to give it
  • While the two friends were talking they decided to go on a trip becauce they were both willing to go.
  • Ok I agree.
  • They organized the trip they got tickets for the airplane and they booked a room at a hotel.
  • Yes, we wanted to say that we found a treasure in the floor and we wanted to give it to you!!
  • So guys! What you wanted to tell me?
  • Thank so much .It might fell from another assistance
  • When Max looked inside of it he saw the money, but the question is who is going to take the money.
  • Suddenly Max found the right thing to do
  • They call the security!