Part 1
Updated: 4/21/2020
Part 1
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part one COVID

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  • One day, there lived 4 friends who stayed in different cities. Why are they far apart?.
  • Better stay at home please!.
  • Atika is watching the news that COVID is increasing in number of patients affected by the virus in her room.
  • HELP!.
  • I must call and know they situation.
  • Atika's friends are all friends from various regions and cities.
  • Don't worry, we are fine Atika.
  • It's because COVID 19 viruses that attack the world which has killed millions of people and hot topics all over the world. Make every people around the world stay at their home.
  • After calling and knowing about the good news that his friends were staying healthy.
  • HYAT!.
  • NO!.
  • Alhamdulillah, Nice to know that.
  • After seeing the news on her computer, worry about his friend and intend to call his friend to ask about his friend's news.
  • After that, they asked about Atika's condition.
  • Its so much fun to stay at home.
  • Rahman from Cilacap, Fikri from Batam, and Baskoro from Boyolali although they are far apart they were very close friends.
  • Next is Rahman, who is asked about interesting daily activities at his home in Cilacap.
  • My family laughed at me and ofcourse me too.
  • Don't forget to wash your hands.
  • Atika feels happy and happy to hear it. They talking that COVID can be prevented by maintaining cleanliness.
  • And asked Atika to tell impressive things about the thing that was done only in the house. After that, they commented and advised what Atika had been doing.
  • Nice one Atika.
  • Don't you do that its not good for your health.
  • It's better you do the other one .
  • Everyone laughed at him and gave advice on what Rahman was doing.
  • Its not good for you, don't you do it again okay?.
  • HHAHAHAH, I laughed until my stomach hurt.
  • That's was great.
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