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Updated: 11/26/2019
Unknown Story

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  • What The Shop Looks Like
  • The Interview
  • Interviewing the crew
  • Emma is seen in the Auto Mechanics Shop with Mr. Rising as he shows her around the shop. She records a little bit of what the shop would look like for those who watch said video, would have a clue what it would look like.
  • What Makes The Shop Dangerous
  • Emma is sat down with Mr. Rising and talking to him about the safety within the Auto Mechanics Shop. She records the interview for her project in her shop. Mr. Rising would explain what exactly would happen if the students would go against it.
  • Ending The Video
  • After interviewing Rising, Emma interviews the crew, asking them questions about what it's like to work in a in a shop that involves getting dirty and working on cars.
  • Editing The Recording
  • Background
  • Audio
  • Emma goes back into the shop to show what the most dangerous objects are and how they can effect you if you didn't work with it properly and safely.
  • Emma goes back into the shop classroom and ends off the video with the crew and Mr. Rising.
  • Emma finishes the video by editing small details and audio for the background.
  • 11/22/19