the haunted house

Updated: 7/29/2020
the haunted house

Storyboard Description

by fatima aamir

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • yah you are right tommorow we will take a tour of all city maybe we can have some fun
  • i had no fun in the party where should we go to have fun?
  • ok
  • conflict
  • yes lets see whats in there it would be adventurous
  • shall we go inside ?
  • rising action
  • oh man!this sounds creepy this house is crumbling manor. what should we do ?
  • ok lets go in the room
  • look there , i can see a room lets go in it , OK ?
  • there were 2 Friends named Elsa and Anna they had vocations from school and had no fun at all so they decided to take tour of the city
  • climax
  • we are the owners of this house this house is 400 years old and we are now also dead and we are ghosts so for your life go away from here otherwise we also die like many others
  • the two friends visited all city but at the end they were tired and were going to there home it was 5:00 when they were going to their home they saw an old house bats surrounded it , its lights were on and mysterious voices were coming from it, it looked like a haunted house and the two friends went in the house
  • falling action
  • thanks god we escaped from there i will now never go to these kind of weird places
  • The windows were all smashed and it looked like the house was used a long time ago and was never used again. it was old as the hills.the door slammed shut behind them the gloomy light started fading.they moved forward slowly slowly.they were so petrified that there legs were trembling and they looked pale and white of fear then they saw a vastrroom and went inside it
  • resolution
  • goodnight Anna hope you had fun today ! it was scary but adventurous!
  • Anna run with me this place is haunted run quickly!
  • when they go in the room they see two people ho looked like Elsa asked them who they were they replied that they were owners of the house who died 400 years ago and so they were ghosts the both friends run from the house
  • who are you two
  • i am coming with you we should run now , run before its too late!
  • they both came out of the house and discussed about all weird things happened in there then a women came who told that all of it was fake there are no real ghost they were robots the both girls thanked here and decided to go to their homes
  • my dear this is a haunted house made for fun those two people you saw were robots only and fake bats and voices came from there a few days ago i bought m,y granchildren over here to have fun
  • no it was not real
  • goodbye
  • who in the world are you how you know about all this mess
  • me too but was that all real ?
  • thank you for your help now we are going to our home goodnight and goodbye
  • when they reach their homes they tell each other that they both had a lot of fun there although they were petrified then they said farewell and went inside their homes
  • ok
  • yah you are right as usual bye bye and goodnight i will see you tommorow