the key to wonderland

Updated: 7/28/2020
the key to wonderland

Storyboard Text

  • exposition
  • ‘let’s cast one of these spells so we can know what’s it’s all about
  • look ‘' this book it has spells written on it’’
  • all right i will cast one of them it wirgardian vergosa
  • conflict
  • mist
  • yah
  • lets go into the tunnel
  • I am astonished to see such a place but we don’t know anything about it
  • rising action
  • this place is subtle and pretty
  • ‘’no need to worry about anything this place is called wonderland and many magical school students had come hereto see this place our queen knows all about you five you can go to her castle and visit all wonderland
  • can you tell about this place we are from an school and acidentally came here
  • once upon a time there were five friends Their names were raven, apple, ivanka, Rosie and Helen.. They lived intheir magical school called ‘‘livermorny”and were studying in their library Rosie found a red book in the library which had title of ‘‘the key to the magical world’’ Rosie showed it to her friends
  • climax
  • ‘’welcome to wonderland everyone I am Isabel the queen of wonderland and I will make you visit all of wonderland today
  • “really! It would be quite interesting ‘'
  • cave of tunnel a murky mist comes in front of them they all screamed and were petrified then they saw a wide tunnel which was like a tunnel in a cave they went in the tunnel.
  • falling action
  • ‘’that would be great I think we should leave now”
  • how we would leave
  • “no need to worry my dear as soon you leave you will arrive their at time you started your journey to wonderland
  • After going in the tunnel they reached a place it was quite exquisite and charming its trees had many colors has purple pink etc. and there was a variety of flowers, it was serene and calm mountains and long rivers surrounded it and then they saw its people.They had small heights and all of them wearied red clothes and black shoes all of them were busy doing their workingwoman asked one of the women there to tell about this place and also described their story.
  • resolution
  • c’mon lets go we will go to that place again
  • “yah! We will go there again “
  • they happily went to the was vast and resplendent it was made of white-marble and it was quite voluptuous too when they went in they saw a beautiful lady with a crown on her heir waiting for them, they all knew who she was, she was the queen they all went to the drying room of-castle and ate a vast amount of food“the queen said “now let’s visit wonderland“dialogues above
  • ‘’ yes you will see all of it but first let’s eat ‘’
  • thy all visit wonderland and then there is nightthey decided to return to their but they all pondered what excuse they will give to their teachers and the school about this they talked about it to the queen.after the queens suggestions raven casted the spell again and again the mist came which led them to their school in their library.
  • goodbye
  • ssay the same spell and you will be to your destination best of luck for future and goodbye
  • When they returned to their school it was time of their divination class raven said “c’mon lets go we will go to that place again apple replied “yah! We will go there again “the five friends went to their class but they will always remember this journey to wonderland.