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Updated: 3/6/2020
Cask Storyboard

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Cask of Amontillado

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  • Montresor was upset that Fortunato had done him wrong so many times, so he devised a plan to bring Fortunato to his immolation. Montresor decided that he should use one of Fortunato’s favourite things during his retribution: wine.
  • Fortunato! I have purchased what I believe is some Amontillado, but I cannot tell of it is fake. I was hoping you could help me, but if your'e too busy, I will go to Luchesi...
  • So, one night during Carnival, Montresor put Fortunato’s connoisseurship in wine to the test, and led a drunk Fortunato into his vaults, saying that he had purchased some Amontillado wine, but didn’t know if it was a fake.
  • No! Luchesi could not tell Amontillado from Sherry. Come, let us go.
  • Are you sure you can help me? Luchesi...
  • As Montresor and Fortunato made their way into the vaults, Montresor would often give Fortunato a leer look and ask Fortunato if he was well enough to help him, to which Fortunato would explicitly tell him he was alright.
  • He is an ignoramous! I am fine.
  • As Montresor and Fortunato continued walking, Montresor could tell that Fortunato was very drunk by his strange gesticulations.
  • Finally, Fortunato and Montresor came to a large dark opening in a wall. Montresor led Fortunato, who was too drunk to realize what was going on, into the hole and shackled him to a wall. As Montresor began to seal the hole shut, Fortunato came to and started to scream and shout for help. Montresor would stop every once and a while to listen to him cry, enjoying his revenge.
  • HELP!!
  • As Montresor finished sealing the wall, he left without a worry in the world. He had advised all of his servants to leave at a certain time so no one was home, and he had worn a mask at Carnival so no one saw his face. No one ever found out where Fortunato went, and no one suspected Montresor had killed him.
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