The Ellie Mcdoodle Diaries : The Show Must Go On!!
Updated: 8/13/2020
The Ellie Mcdoodle Diaries : The Show Must Go On!!

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  • Sitka
  • Mentor
  • OMG, IT'S ZAC!!!
  • Friendship Bracelets
  • WHAT??!!!
  • Here you go, Mo!
  • Everybody likes Sitka and wants her to join the group, but Ellie doesn't like her. Also, it seems as though Mo and Sitka are now best friends, instead of Ellie.
  • Robots
  • Ellie, how much work did you do for your project?
  • I'm Sorry, Ms. Whittam,, my brother did it all!
  • For the show, each role has a mentor. Ellie's mentor, Zac, only thinks of her as a little kid, and Ellie doesn't like it!
  • The Show
  • Ellie made friendship bracelets to help fix things with Mo, but then Sitka takes them both and puts them on her and Mo. Ellie is very upset.
  • Ellie and Mo!
  • I'm so sorry Ellie. You are my ONLY best friend!
  • Ellie lets her brother, Josh do her robot project, and then gets in trouble for cheating, and not doing the project.
  • Finally, the day of the show has come, with some minor problems, such as Ellie's brother, Ben-Ben as Toto instead of the real dog, the show goes great. 
  • Ellie and Mo finally, make-up and they are best friends again.
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