The Key
Updated: 12/19/2019
The Key
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Kimber e,ma molly

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  •  Emma and molly were best friends and could not be separated They lived beside each other for ten years emma was corageous brave and bold Molly was smart and shy
  • dIt was a bright and sunny day Emma and molly were taking their dogs on a walk  When the dogs got of their leeches molly went running after them and tripped on a rock anshe found a key
  • When they got home Emma noticed something there was a lock on here closet Then joking around she asked for the key they found and she put it in the closet door it opened
  • next thing she new they were in another world Then they felt something touch them then they tuned around it was a fairy she introduced her self she said Hi welcome to fairy forest Im Kimber ima fairy Emma and molly just stared
  • Then emma asked kimber if she had a door around so kimber took them to the closet door to them but their was a big vine in front of them but then the key they still had flew out of Emma's pocket and started to glow then the vine backed of the key went in the whole
  • When they came back the were on the couch and molly asks if it was a dream Emma says no because they both had it and the key was in the key whole but know they have magical key . where would they go next
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