Unknown Story
Updated: 4/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • bruno and shmuel were pushed and shoved into a vault full of jews
  • the lights were cut off and there was a bunch of ruckus then they heard gas
  • as the father ran he knew that Bruno had died
  • Bruno and shmuel made plans to find Shmuels dad. Shmuel was going to get the "striped pajamas and bruno was going to bring food and a shovel it was there final goodbye before bruno had to go with their uncle
  • as bruno went to get the stuff he needed before he left he asked hi mom if he could go on the swing set one last time. of course the mom said yes so when no one was looking bruno went to the back and ran he dropped the sandwich but he didn't know where
  • the mother noticed that bruno was not on the swing so she told everyone to go find bruno the father went to the back and saw the sadwich on the ground,so he busted the door that lead to the forest and called for bruno and there was no response...