Broken Blade by Joshua Ramirez Hour: 3
Updated: 2/28/2020
Broken Blade by Joshua Ramirez Hour: 3

Storyboard Text

  • My dad chopped off his thump and it won't heal for a while. He is a voyageur and with the injury he won't be able to do it this year. This winter is going to be rough for us so I decided to take his place as a voyageur.
  • We are now really starting our journey as a voyageur i'm exited and nervous. McKay and la londe are really growing on me I think. lucky for me paddling won't be hard because la londe added some doeskin to my paddle so paddling won't be so bad. Now I realize that home is kinda far away but i'm managing it well.
  • We just started paddling its a little cold but not bad. It started to rain so we are a bit confused how this weather came out of nowhere. All of a sudden huge waves are coming out at us " brace yourself laddies " Mckay said. The waves were everywhere my good friend la londe got sucked up by the waves so we were forced to land at the nearest island.
  • We just began the days worth of paddling. We are making our way down the north shore of lake Huron until all of a sudden a storm came out of nowhere. This storm was a bad storm, luckily there was a island called the michipicoten island it was close enough to us so we landed there.
  • We just landed at grand portage. The view was amazing when we were just coming up the waters. Charbonneau and me are going to the leader of a chiefs house named Mukwa. We just arrived Charbonneau and Mukwa had a moment of reuniting. We sat down and he brought out a nice stew with freshly picked wild rice we ate with his family too. It was delicious.
  • I just arrived to my home town of Lachine and i'm exited to see celeste, my dad, my mom, my sister, and my dog. I'm walking by celestes house and the whole family is sitting on the porch so I say hi. finally I make my way to the house. My dog rushes at me with joy and I give him some love. I'm walking and I see my dad he sees me right away and we hug. "wow my son has turned into a man" he said. We shook hands and he was surprised by my grip strength. Being a voyaguer was fun but I think i'm gonna winter next year.