ginger pye

Updated: 1/16/2021
ginger pye

Storyboard Text

  • Written by Eleanor Estes
  • presented by Alison Bernasiewicz
  • "they left the house at noon then....
  • In the town of Cranbury, Connecticut, in 1919, ten-year-old Jerry Pye and his nine-year-old sister, Rachel, wondered about getting a dog. These are the thoughts going through his head as he and Rachel sit on the verandah of their house and read.
  • what kind of dog would I get?
  • Later on, Jerry gets the cutest puppy he can find in the dog barn and the family decides to name it ginger after his white and orange fur, everyone loves the new puppy and all is great!
  • aww he's so cute!
  • he is the perfect pet!
  • How about the name Ginger?
  • I love the name ginger!
  • One day Jerry and Rachel were on their way back from Sunday school when they sensed someone was following them, When they turn to look, all they saw was a yellow hat receding into the distance.
  • I wonder who that is
  • He's being unsavory
  • Please come home Ginger
  • On Thanksgiving tragedy hits, Ginger pye disappears! Jerry, Rachel, their parents, cousin Bennie, aunt, and uncle all try looking for ginger pye everywhere but are unsuccessful.
  • We can't find him
  • Ginger, where are you
  • Oh, where is that dog
  • Months go by and still no sign of ginger until Jerry’s cousin Bennie thinks he found ginger in the park who just ran from the backyard of a house.
  • Ginger!!
  • Ginger? are you sure it's Ginger