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Updated: 2/4/2020
Unknown Story
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israelites comic

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  • The Israelites asked the judge Samuel to choose a king. Samuel warned that a king would tax them and enslave them but the Israelites asked still demanded a king so he chose a man named Saul. Samuel anointed Saul as a king and pored holy oil on him to show that god had blessed him
  • Under Saulś leadership, the israelites won many battle. With each victory, Saul gained fame. Then he started loosing the support of people and he started to disobey some of Godś commands. So god told Samuel To choose a different king, a shepherd named David
  • Goliath, a giant Philistine warrior dared any israelite to fight him. David stepped forward with his shepherd's staff and a slingshot with five stones. David hit Goliath and he dropped dead.
  • Impressed by David´s skills, Saul's army went under David´s command. In jealousy Saul tried to kill David, but he escaped. When Saul died, David came back and became king.
  • KIng David's son Solomon became the next king. He brought a long period of peace to the region
  • He was know for his wisdom and wrote the proverbs.
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