Act 5 ROmeo and JULIET sebastian hoyos

Updated: 5/12/2020
Act 5 ROmeo and JULIET  sebastian hoyos

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sebastian hoyos

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  • Romeo receives the message
  • I saw Juliet in her families tomb.
  • she cant be dead!!!
  • Romeo buys potion
  • give me a potion that will kill you immediatly
  • ok but it is illegal to sell
  • OH NO!! this is bad
  • friar john comes back with bad news
  • mantua didnt let me in cause of the infection going around so i couldnt deliver it
  • In act 5 scene 1 Balthasar notifies romeo about Juliet getting buried in her families tomb.Romeo then tell him that he will go to Verona later in the day to see for himself.
  • Romeo fights Paris
  • According to act 5 scene 1 romeo goes to the apothecary and asks for a potion that can kill you immediately.The apothecary says its illegal to sell but then romeo convinces him to sell it to him.
  • Romeo and Juliet die
  • As stated in act 5 scene 2 Friar john came back letting Friar Lawrence know that he wasn't allowed to go into Mantua because of the infection going around.Friar Lawrence then is worried because romeo doesn't know about the plan.
  • Ending the feud
  • lets end this feud, we have caused so much things
  • yes, for our kids who have suffered from what we have done.
  • In act 5 scene 3 it says that Paris gets into a fight with romeo because Paris was interrupting romeos visit for Juliet. Romeo ends up killing Paris after.
  • According to act 5 scene 3 Romeo drinks the potion and immediately dies from it then later Juliet wakes up with the friar letting her know that someone is coming but refuses to go and stays with romeo.She is sad that he died so she stabs herself and dies.
  • ill die with you ROMEO!!
  • As stated in act 5 scene 3 it ends with both of the families ending there long feud because of what they have lost.