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Capate Chapter 3 Cartoon
Updated: 10/21/2020
Capate Chapter 3 Cartoon
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  • I am a cave man, I lived in the Paleoithic times.
  • Paleolithic vs. Neolithic
  • I am a cave woman, I am getting warm from the fire
  • I am at the farm we made it has lots of wheat
  • Agriculture
  • This is our farm filled with wheat to make bread
  • I like our house
  • Permanent Shelters
  • This is our house we made from wood
  • This is significant because they had homes in caves and fires for warmth.
  • Communites
  • I live in her community
  • I live in a community
  • I am in the country
  • This is significant because it changed human history people didn't have to spend all their time searching for food.
  • New Jobs
  • I am also
  • I'll give you a boat for 10 flint
  • This was significant because they made permanent shelters to stay safe
  • Trade
  • Ok fair trade
  • This was significant because jobs helped out each other.
  • This is significant because people can start to specilize in their work everything is more efficitly and faster.
  • In neolithic this was significant because they make more goods and share items with each other.
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