Family History
Updated: 5/9/2020
Family History

Storyboard Text

  • About 90 years ago, a family lived on the farm. They moved to the city but left their cat behind. The boy came back for the cat.And then the farm killed him.
  • Here ! Why do you want to eat here?This place looks horrible.
  • Fantastic ! Let's eat here Molly
  • My grandfather worked here. He was a waiter. He told me an intresting story about it.
  • Oh, I see. What kind of story ? Go on. What is it ?
  • It was an empty farmhouse. Then they built the cafè. My grandfather helped. He was a builder then. He told me about the ghost!
  • A ghost ?
  • What! What do you mean?
  • There was a fire and he died. And my grandfather saw his ghost one day at work. And sometimes you can see the ghost of the cat in the cafè.
  • Don't you believe me?
  • Oh, really ?
  • Of course not!
  • Look over there! It's the ghost
  • Relax! I tricked you. It's only a normal cat
  • What ?!Where ?!